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logo_blk_bg_100newWe are the Tiki Room One Stop Shop featuring mugs, art prints and paintings, hawaiian mask, hawaiin bithday supplies, wedding gifts, tiki bar mug and Polynesian Pole Statue Tikis, lights for the Luau party, shot glasses, totem masks poles, barware and more.3TTT This hut is truly a place to get it all and serve any of your tiki bar or tiki wedding needs. We are keeping pace as a Tiki Super Resource providing only the best mask mug creations and all that is tiki, perfect for your wedding celebrations. A large range of items are available to supply your tiki bar rooms, supply your Luau party, or decorate your home with Polynesian and Hawaiian Tiki. Enter the Tiki Aisle Featured Artist include Original works by THOR, H.WATTS and JAMIO

A Bit of Tiki Culture:

PolesTTTThe tiki mug and the art which goes along with the decor is not just material. It is a movement which began in 1934 when Don the Beach Comber opened up this 1st Polynesian restaurant in Hollywood, CA. Tropical rum drinks served in a tiki god faced mugs and the ambience of tiki art prints hung strategically around so everyone could view. Tiki began as the worlds first never ending story. We are the Tiki Complete One Stop source for all of your bar or luau party needs. Look around and have Fun, especially if you are planning a fun wedding or birthday! If you are looking for a recommendation for a cake maker, try They make great birthday cakes and often supply cupcakes to our staff.

The Tiki Mask:

The tiki mask, unlike the mugs we so enjoy, have a longer and greater history. Masks, statues, poles and the likes have dated back to 1500 BC as carving was one of the 1st art forms on earth. The carvings of Tiki Gods first made their appearance in the Polynesian Islands of New Guinea.

A Little History-As we Know It !

4packpop4The Tiki Themed Bars and Party all began with Don Beach- “Don the Beachcomber”. Back around 1934, Don opened a Polynesian themed bar/restaurant in Hollywood, Ca. The establishment cateredba055aT to Asian Food and Rum based drink concoctions. He decked the place out in bamboo and rattan furniture, tropical fabrics, and flaming torches. About 10 years, Victor Bergeron-“Trader Vic”, opened his own chain of similar establishments just in time for the arrival of some of our servicemen who were arriving back from WWII. Remember, this decor was something they were accustom to since spending much time in the South Pacific! Americans fell in love with the exotic flare of the South Pacific Islands and Polynesia. Tiki was the style that swept through homes and the entertainment establishments everywhere from the late 40’s until the 70’s when “Disco” took over.

With current day events and attitudes, Americans have a tendency to reach for those times which we were the happiest, thus the New Resurgence of the Tiki Retro Pop Era.I have found that my own personal Home Tiki Bar is a place where family and friends can escape today to live in an Exotic Fantasy Place-Tiki Forever!