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What is Tiki? – Tiki is a by any name is a Culture which began around the 1930’s just after the very Hard times of Prohibition and the Great Depression. Americans wanted a way to escape and a way to get back and relive the mellow mood and serenity of the tropical islands of the South Pacific. The tiki culture reached a peak during the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Tiki Bars, island decor, tropical music, sweet tasting libations served in Tiki God mugs and island food all contributed in allowing a trip back to that of the South Pacific. The late 1990’s saw the beginning of a new resurgence of Tiki which is still going strong today.

Why are your Mugs better? – Unlike many of the other tiki mugs you can find out there, our mugs are FDA approved as a drinking vessel free of LEAD. Many of the older mugs which are still around sometimes contain this substance which can be very harmful for you.

How do I get a Tiki Bar? – The absolute best way to have a tiki bar of your own, is to purchase one through us! Our Portable Bars are each constructed individually with the best materials and quality craftsmanship. These are not mass produced, so expect to wait up to 3 weeks between order and delivery, but they are worth the wait! Building a bar by yourself will cost you almost 2x’s what ours cost by the time you purchase materials, not counting your time!

What are Artist Edition Mugs? – The tiki mugs labeled as Artist Edition are Unique and very collectable as they are the Original Designs of the noted artist. These mugs are very unique and make extreme statements for your tiki room.

How long has this company been promoting Tiki? – AisleTiki has been around for a 1 1/2 years. We pride ourselves on not being the biggest, but truly the best when it comes to insuring our customers satisfaction! Our parent company, Aisle 5 Enterprises, LLC has been doing business with great success over the last 6 years, offering the web community unique quality products through it’s network : www.InflateUs.com and www.FlashBack70.com

How can I buy tiki stuff at wholesale pricing? – We do offer wholesale pricing discount for order which consist of a minimum of 24 items. This pricing is in addition to the Specials we run from time to time 🙂 Drop us an email telling us what you need, how many, and address where we would ship..We will prepare and send you a quote: contact us

How do you ship? – We ship your items normally within 48 hrs of the order either through the US Postal system or FedEX. We take extra care to hand pack each item with the best materials to insure safe delivery to you. There is nothing more disappointing than to have your Tiki item show up broken 🙁

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